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this looks very promising just based from the fact alone that we'll have a journey of visiting every tavern in the corner of the world : D


update: i'll be dreaming good tonight. 


Hi, long comment ahead with some thoughts. However: I'm loving this so far. I do, however have a question but don't know how easy this would be. I'm a blind person. Is there any way you could make choices into actual links? A lot of other twine games do this (see, Tree that Touched The Moon, for instance). At the moment unless I use the tab key it's hard to know where the actual choices are or if there are any other hotspots. Nothing says link, it's a clickable, not an actual, webpagified, link the way that "Tree That Touched The Moon" does this. Now, if this might be too tricky to add as it may be more of a revamp, it's OK, as I think I can tab around to find most choices. But if this was added, it would be a huge, huge boon for accessibility, and you'd be looking at a fully accessible game for blind people. It's pretty much doable at the moment even in it's current state. I'm at the part where I'm going after the dragon, so still have a while to go as that's essentially the intro. I haven't checked if the menus (companions, loot, quests) read with my screen reader or not, so I'd have to get back to you on that one. For reference, I'm on windows using a screen reader called NVDA, so if you'd like to do any testing, NVDA is free. YOu use the arrow keys to move up and down a web page and use tab to go to links. Usually, NVDA should say link when finding a link. For the current clickables, it just says their name but it's sometimes hard to know exactly where I am in the page.


HI jukesy1992, appreciate the helpful comment. A lot of this game was pretty kluged together from my limited CSS/html/JavaScript. I would definitely like to make it more accessible at some point in the future, but because of the chaos of its initial construction I fear that may be a task that's a little while off from completion. I will take your suggestion and download the screen reader to experience the game as you do, and try to scope the difficulties of executing this or if a separate screen reader accessible version is the best way to go in the future. I'll comment here to let you know if there is progress on this front. Would you be comfortable with me adding you to the "special thanks" for your advice if/when I get an accessible version up?


I'd be fine with that. Also, I've now actually completed my first playthrough even in this state, which bodes very well indeed. I really enjoyed this game, it's got a lot of heart. It was a really cool way to spend a few hours, and I hope to come back to it for another playthrough to see what the other paths bring.








I managed to escape the fire with my character's lives in tact, with help from one of the allies of Madamme.


Wow. Just wow. I could say I enjoyed every bit of it, from the beginning to the end. Love the method of the game, tasks & mysterys & such. Like a dungeon crawler - but in taverns! And I managed to find an ending that's good enough for everyone - that's probably my favourite part about games like this, best with some romance XD. Hell I love this so much.


A piece of art. So good that I played it in a few hours. Thank you!


this rules and i loved it

im stuck there is no continue options its just on the part with aurora

Otherwise good game

That's odd, sorry you ran into that! Can you be more specific as to which part? If you provide me a quote with a text sample I should be able to find and correct the issue ASAP.

when u say ''we didnt finish our discussion from earlier ''and the next option ''we deserve to give this a try'' and to get it stuck ''not yet''

thank you for the detailed report, I'll check this out and fix it asap.

The issue should be fixed on the version just uploaded. Any saves on that conversation node should now show a link at the bottom allowing you to exit the conversation! Thanks again.

I'm having a bit of trouble with the save slots; I can't seem to save at any part in the game ><

Kept giving me a "Sorry, I couldn't save your game"

Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out to make sure nothing is deprecated, though unfortunately issues with Twine's save functionality often have to do with the browser you're using and how it keeps history. What browser are you on?

I was playing on Google; may have been something on my end, but  I didn't get time to check ><

Its a really cool and great game. Good job 😁


I loved it! It was teally nice and i dont have anymore words because i suck at that


This is delightful, creative, and heartfelt. I love it. I played it through once and got a good ending, though I think not the ONLY good ending. Thanks so much for making this, it really cheered me up. This game is something special. 


THIS IS CRAZY. I wonder how you made it in Twine, of all engines! I'm working on my own RPG, so props to you! May I ask how long it took to make?


Hi Nordaca, I'd say it was about three-four months of work, but some of the underlying functionality -- CSS, design thinking, etc. -- is pilfered from other half-finished Twine projects so it's not necessarily indicative of the full effort behind it. Good luck with your RPG!