Created for the Cessation of Existence Game Jam, A Pleasant Stroll is a game about a short walk that turns into a long meditation on what it really means to stop existing.

Content Warning: if frank depictions of the reality of death might upset you, I recommend proceeding with caution. This game is mostly a silly little experiment, but it tackles a pretty grim theme.


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Loved it, managed to be both hilarious and incredibly dark. Was about to go for a walk, but now I think I'll stay inside for a bit.


Really reminds me of my mortality :,)


I chose to be a loathed public figure synonymous with evil and so I have to wait for some time to lose all my legacy, almost 2000 years in fact. It's a great game in the sense that it surprises the player, you may expect to get a nice platformer, but turns out the real game starts after you die.

If you're interested, you'd be welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship, especially the jam entries category!