Over 4.75 billion posts are shared on <an unnamed major social media network> each day.

Curating this volume of content is no easy task.

While many people assume algorithms do everything now,  social media companies actually hire contractors to review flagged content and decide whether to ignore or delete.

That means everything you report gets looked at by a real human being.

Likely a human  being from a newly industrialized nation who is paid a couple of US dollars an hour to look at thousands of potentially traumatizing images.

In Sentry, you play as one of these human beings -- a social media content moderator.

How many days can you last before you're fired for filing too many incorrect reports? How many images of exploited children and beheadings can you endure before you can't take it any longer?

For more information on the true stories that inspired this game, listen to the August 17, 2018 episode of Radiolab, "Post No Evil":

Content Warning: this game contains abstracted images and descriptions depicting a wide range of potentially traumatic subject matter, such as war, animal abuse, and exploitation of children.  The game is also explicitly about exploitative labour practices.

I'm also acutely aware I'm writing outside my gender, race, and culture. I've tried to be as sensitive as possible and did a buttload of research, but the timeline of this gamejam prevented me from seeking out a thorough sensitivity read. If you have any feedback on things I've gotten wrong, let me know and I'll strive to edit and correct them.


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lol I let a sex ad through. Ha ha


Made it 4 days. In hindsight, am now pretty sure I mistakenly let a sex toy through. Excellent writing, great job!


I'm glad i done have his job! Great efforts! :D