You are a scandal-plagued President of the United States obsessed with your approval ratings. Can you avoid impeachment, assassination, and nuclear Armageddon long enough to win re-election?

  • negotiate tough disputes with the legislative branch
  • navigate silly scandals
  • nominate Supreme Court justices
  • interact with the zany West Wing staff, lawmakers, and international community
  • have an illicit Oval Office affair
  • get your approval rating high enough and be declared King of America!
  • and much more!

An edutaining West Wing simulator created by Cogs & Spanners!

Install instructions

Click to play the embedded game or download the HTML and open it in your browser!


TheWorstWingItchioDownload.html 2 MB

Development log


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Nice i managed to get to nuclear war first try and become lord of the waseland 

So much fun! wonderful game.

Great little game that is worth a pla